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Captiva Lab – Reference Lab Services

Captiva Lab is able to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and reliable reference lab services with quick turnaround including:

E-Swab Processing

Drug Detection

Medication Monitoring

Trusted Results

Who We Are


Captiva Laboratory is a fully licensed facility where all procedures are supervised by a certified clinical lab director. As a privately owned facility, Captiva Lab is able to provide personalized tests and excellent customer service for all of its customers. Our instruments guarantee the highest accuracy and reliability of all tests performed. Our mission is to provide unquestionable scientific evaluation, precision detection systems and individualized customer service. Captiva Lab aims to educate our customers on the ever-changing state and federal regulations for laboratories, so we can meet your needs with no delays.  Captiva Lab operates seven days a week with couriers available every day to pick up the specimens from your facility.

Our Technology

Captiva Lab uses cutting-edge technology to process all specimens, including:

  • Presumptive testing by Immunoassay-based chemistry analyzers
  • Confirmation by LCMS-Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS).

Our Workforce

Captiva Lab is committed to attracting and retaining highly qualified employees who are dedicated to bettering the recovery community by providing quality service and professionalism. Each testing procedure is supervised by our highly skilled medical laboratory director, Dr. John Hanson, and his team. His expertise ensures accurate and efficient testing.

Urgent Care

We provide our results expediently, meeting demands of quick turnaround.

Medical Research

Our broad options and customizable tests make our services ideal for research needs.

Primary Care

Our selection of panels and commitment to providing customer service simplifies a primary care office's lab needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

We were founded with the specialty needs of treatment centers in mind.


Our extensive drug detection makes Captiva Lab ideal for any substance abuse testing needs.


Our testing services complement the rapid demands of a prescribing pharmacy.

Prescription Management

Monitor dosage levels and prescription adherence with our prescription management services.

Custom Reflex Testing

Our customizable panels mean quicker results and less stress for your practitioners. Find our more from one of our representatives.

Serving a Wide Range of Clients

Our lab is trusted and utilized by a wide range of medical professionals. We are likely able to accommodate your unique laboratory needs with our many services including Pharmacogenomics.

Pharmacogenomics: Prescribe Efficiently & Accurately

U.S. Population With Prescription0%
Receive Their Medication From Multiple Sources0%
Doctors Who Feel They Adequately Understand Pharmacogenomics0%
Doctors Who Believe Pharmacogenomics Will Help Patients0%

2017 – NCBI – “Physicians’ pharmacogenomics information needs and seeking behavior: a study with case vignettes”


Genetic Markers Screened


Pathogens Tested


Panels Available


Compounds Detected (orally)

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Chief Executive Officer: Jay Johnson – jay@captivalab.com
Vice President: Megan Reinhardt – megan@captivalab.com
Director of Operations: Rhyan Walcott – rhyan@captivalab.com
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