About Captiva Lab

Standard drug and health testing solutions are often intended for corporate and criminal functions with little regard for medical practitioners and patients struggling to overcome barriers to care. Captiva Lab is different.

We are a resource for patients and clinicians alike, offering comprehensive, cutting-edge drug testing resources aimed at improving addiction treatment efficacy and inspiring lasting results. Our CAP and CLIA-certified facility ensures compliance at the highest levels, providing transparency and precision every step of the way.

Who We Are

Captiva Lab is a full-service reference lab that provides resources for medical professionals serving a wide range of patient communities. Our primary focus is substance abuse toxicology and related disease panels, helping doctors, nurses, and counselors to properly screen patients and participants to ensure the highest possible standards of care. Through our training, state-of-the-art lab equipment, and corporate ideals, we are able to remain committed to both scientific and ethical standards.

We realize that drug addiction, whether through recreational or medical pathways, is endemic in the United States. We also realize that proper treatment under the supervision of medical professionals is among the only ways to ensure a healthy and sustainable approach to recovery. It is our mission to align ourselves with these practices, offering screenings that serve as a source of information for practitioners in need. By identifying abusive habits and, if applicable, present substance use or presence of disease, we are able to help doctors and treatment programs best provide safe, effective care.

Captiva Labs was founded in 2014 by a group of leading scientists and researchers highly experienced in drug toxicology screenings. All of our tests are supervised by our highly skilled medical laboratory director, Dr. John Hanson, and his medical team, ensuring adherence to all applicable procedures and standards. Dr. Tyagi is an active member of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Our Mission

At Captiva Lab, we believe that knowledge and understanding hold the key to substance abuse recovery. It is our goal to further these objectives, providing necessary information to practitioners in the course of rehabilitation. We are a resource and partner for those working in the field of addiction medicine, offering continuous advances in the detection and management of issues facing the substance abuse community.

We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards with every test, treating each screen as a new and promising opportunity to offer assistance. With the ability to detect even the smallest amounts of substances within the body in combination with our full-service reference testing, we fully stand behind our ability to provide insight and information necessary in the course of treatment.

Who We Serve

Captiva Lab is committed to improving the outcome of our client’s patients while providing the service at a low cost. For the substance abuse industry, we strive to improve the lives of individuals struggling with addiction and support medical professionals in the treatment process. Through our unique capabilities, we are able to offer a balanced blend of scientific evaluation, precise substance use detection, and personalized customer service.

We test for a wide range of pain medications and illicit substances and offer a broad and comprehensive approach to health screenings. We are able to customize our panels fully to the needs of our clients, ensuring every substance of concern is included in our results.

Our testing services offer a strong foundation of knowledge and education, delivering accurate results in an expedited manner for the development of customized treatment plans. We are proud of our work with addiction medicine and pain medicine clinicians, and we are willing to provide actionable information to our clients and their patients.

Our Services

Our services are equal parts comprehensive and customizable, providing the opportunity for testing that meets the unique needs of our clients. We are able to help with virtually all aspects of health screenings:

  • Exclusive Services

    • Collection services, including local pickup
    • Fast turnaround times, usually 24 to 48 hours after receiving samples
    • Oral Fluid Drug Testing Methods to screen for over 60 selected compounds with cutoffs as low as 0.125 ng/mL

  • Our Technology

    • Liquid Chromatography tandem mass spectrometry tests
    • Customizable testing panels based on facility services or patient history
    • Reflex testing options to identify drugs and their metabolites
    • Technology for providers, including easy-to-read reports via an online portal, fax, or email, color-coded alerts, and user-level access control

We realize that different treatment centers and medical practitioners require different test results, methodologies, and reporting timelines, which is why we are available to help as needed. Read more about our services.

Why We Are Different

Many drug use and health screening resources are designed for the testing of current or prospective employees or in the course of criminal proceedings. While valuable services, these functions are often incongruous with the substance abuse community, as drug testing results for those facing addiction are intended for education and effective treatment, not punishment.

At Captiva Lab, we pride ourselves on our role in substance abuse recovery, providing both scientifically-proven results and caring, dedicated support to medical practitioners in need. Our abilities don’t stop at simple disclosure; our commitment to compassion and customer service is virtually unmatched in the industry, offering resources unavailable anywhere else.

If you work in the field of addiction recovery, we are ready to be your partner. Please contact Captiva Lab to learn more about how we are able to support your evolving goals and objectives as a critical member of the addiction medicine community.


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