Licenses & Accreditation

Quick Facts:

CLIA License#: 34D2091895

CAP ID #9389366

DEA License #RC489864

State of Florida, AHCA # 8000027802

State of CA Dept. of Public Health # CDS00800792

Our Certifications, Accreditations, and Affiliations

Captiva Lab is a leader in the reference lab industry. Our experts are committed to ongoing research and development that will assist our clients to improve patient care with advancing test outcomes. We have partnered with vendors to co-develop new testing protocols that improve laboratory efficiencies and provide accurate test results. As a leader in substance abuse toxicology and diagnostic services, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards and methodologies in clinical lab testing. We contribute proactively to industry and peer groups as well as providing advanced toxicology solutions for patient care. Here are some of the organizations that we are certified, licensed or our leaders are associated with.


Our CAP ID is #9389366


Captiva Lab holds a CLIA License. #34D2091895


Captiva Lab is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Our DEA License number is #RC489864

State of Florida

Captiva Lab Headquarters is located in Florida and we also are able to serve practitioners in the state. Our State of Florida license number is AHCA # 8000027802.

State of CA Dept of Public Health

Captiva Lab is able to serve the State of California through our State of CA Dept. of Public Health license #CDS00800792.

State of MD

Captiva Lab is able to serve the state of Maryland with our Permit. Permit # 2812 Chemistry : Routine, Toxicology: Drug of Abuse

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a Bureau of Laboratories which permits laboratories to work in and out of state on specimens from the commonwealth. Captiva Lab’s Laboratory Certification number is: #36350.

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