Licenses & Accreditation

Quick Facts:

CLIA License#: 34D2091895

COLA ID# 2615

CAP ID #9389366

DEA License #RC489864

State of Florida, AHCA # 8000027802

State of CA Dept. of Public Health # CDS00800792

Our Certifications, Accreditations, and Affiliations

Captiva Lab is a leader in the reference lab industry. Our experts are committed to ongoing research and development that will assist our clients to improve patient care with advancing test outcomes. We have partnered with vendors to co-develop new testing protocols that improve laboratory efficiencies and provide accurate test results. As a leader in substance abuse toxicology and diagnostic services, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards and methodologies in clinical lab testing. We contribute proactively to industry and peer groups as well as providing advanced toxicology solutions for patient care. Here are some of the organizations that we are certified, licensed or our leaders are associated with.


The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is one of the foremost organizations of board-certified pathologists that publicly advance the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine internationally. Through their advocacy, they have advanced medical testing and treatments for 70 years. Part of their organization maintains the ‘Laboratory Accreditation Program’, a peer-inspector model that provides guidance and regulation toward the goal of lab excellence. Their bi-annual recertification process ensures the accuracy of the lab’s test results and compliance with their recommendations through on-site inspections.

Captiva Lab’s Medical Director, Dr. Manoj Tyagi is an active member of the CAP. Our CAP ID is #9389366


COLA, is the ‘premier clinical laboratory accreditation, education and consultation organization’. COLA is an independent organization that accredits nearly 8,000 laboratories and provides the education and consultation on meeting CLIA standards. The Joint Commission, as well as CMS, granted COLA the deeming authority for accreditation. They are committed to helping labs achieve excellence in healthcare.

Captiva Lab is proudly COLA compliant, our COLA ID# is 2615

National Register of Clinical Chemists

The NRCC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to certification based on education, examination, and excellence. They provide a variety of certifications for many lab specialties including Clinical Chemists, Toxicological Chemists, Technologists and more. Various states recognize the NRCC certification process for lab personnel at the Laboratory Technologist level.

Our Medical Director, Manoj Tyagi not only holds Clinical Chemistry Board certification with the NRCC, but also serves as executive member, Board of Directors, NRCC.


The CLIA is not specifically an organizational body, but the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. These regulations include federal standards that apply to all facilities testing human specimens that diagnose, prevent, or treat disease. The program, which is backed by the FDA, CMS, and CDC is necessary for quality lab services as well as legally necessary. The Division of Laboratory Services, part of the Survey and Certification Group, under Clinical Standards and Quality (CSSQ) implements the CLIA program. COLA is CLIA’s authorized accreditation program the supporting government bodies help shape CLIA standards through their committee, the CLIAC.

Captiva Lab holds a CLIA License. #34D2091895


The American Association of Clinical Chemistry is a worldwide organization dedicated to laboratory science and its use in healthcare. The organization serves as an advocate and resource for its members to adapt to changes and provide vital insight so that patients obtain the best care available. The AACC facilitates an active member community and is an authority on breaking lab-centric news.

Dr. Tyagi Manoj, our lab director is an active member and Fellow with AACC.


CMS, or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a government agency and part of the Department of Health and Human Resources. The CMS provides certification to ensure quality testing before Medicaid or Medicare payments are viable. Captiva Lab is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


The DEA maintains guidelines for handling of controlled substances and provides registration in conformity to the Substance Act of 1970. ‘Analytical Labs’ must register with the DEA as they may purchase, dispose and handle controlled substances. The application process involves registration, background checks and screens of employees and certification. Our DEA License number is #RC489864

State of Florida

Florida requires laboratories conducting business in the state to meet standards and receive a license to authenticate their compliance with CLIA standards. Captiva Lab Headquarters is located in Florida and we also are able to serve practitioners in the state. Our State of Florida license number is AHCA # 8000027802.


State of CA Dept of Public Health

The State of California requires that all moderate or high complexity testing originating in the State must be done by a facility either in the state, or a facility holding an Out-of-State clinical laboratory license. Captiva Lab is able to serve the State of California through our State of CA Dept. of Public Health license #CDS00800792.

State of MD

Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality Laboratory Unit is responsible for all licensure of laboratories in state or laboratories out of state wishing to process specimens from Maryland citizens. The unit also upholda CLIA program standards. Captiva Lab is able to serve the state of Maryland with our Permit. Permit # 2812 Chemistry : Routine, Toxicology: Drug of Abuse

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a Bureau of Laboratories which permits laboratories to work in and out of state on specimens from the commonwealth. Captiva Lab’s permit is currently pending with PA.

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