Captiva Celebrates Lab Week – April 22-28 – Honoring our Professional Team (Update)

Captiva Celebrates Lab Week – April 22-28 – Honoring our Professional Team (Update)

Update: We’re proud to announce Captiva Labs was chosen as a winner of AACC’s Lab week contest. We look forward to providing another year of excellent service as an AACC Member!

Annually, Captiva Labs celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals week. This year, April 22 to 28th CaptivaLab will celebrate by honoring our professionals with internal contests and other team building activities. Learn more about Lab week on ASCP’s lab week page. Our lab supervisor Zach Salant has recorded this message and has the following to say about our great team!

“Hi my name is Zachary Salant and I’m the lab supervisor here at Captiva Labs. What drives me to ensure high-quality testing is the excitement of my job. Every sample received gets me to an individual patient and this drives me to ensure an efficient workflow through the laboratory so clients can receive their results in a rapid manner. Important decisions made by clients start here and being part of that process, whether its a patient needing treatment or a patient needing to recover, excites me.

This is especially true when clients call to seek out more information about their results. Recently, we had a counselor from one client call in to inquire about how a patient could be positive for alcohol even though they had been kept under surveillance during their treatment. after hearing this we immediately started an investigation and after sending the client a questionnaire as well as having further conversations with the counselor we discovered that kombucha tea recently consumed was the cause of the positive.

Situations like this and being able to put my clients at ease is what makes my job great. but another aspect of what my job great is the team. the team here really care about what they do and putting the care into sample testing. each member comes from either a clinical toxicology or chemistry background and they all bring something useful to the table. Working with this team on daily basis makes my job fun and exciting and I couldn’t be happier working here. Happy lab week