CAPtivating Excellence in Laboratory Diagnostics

Announcing Captiva and Capstone Alliance

CAPtivating Excellence in Laboratory Diagnostics

A New alliance between capstone and captivaWe announce with great pleasure a strategic alliance between Captiva Lab and Capstone Healthcare. Together, both organizations bring years of combined experience, devotion, and leadership in the industry of diagnostic testing. The Captiva- Capstone alliance, will allow the two diagnostic laboratories to adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare industry by offering more innovative solutions which will include a diverse offering of diagnostic testing services and in-network billing options for our clients.

Over the past few months, we have been curating and growing an exceptional range of the lab services for our clients. This strategic alliance will be one of the ways to realize our vision of providing all of our clients with an expanded portfolio of services. We believe that by supporting each other and others in our industry, we can embody our vision as a leader in the lab space; not just for oral and urine toxicology testing, but also for pharmacogenomics (PGx), cancer genomics (CGx), urinary tract infection (UTI) testing, as well as blood testing.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Diagnostics

The Capstone Captiva Alliance and PGx ServicesOur PGx testing provides a functional understanding on how quickly a patient’s body metabolizes, or filters, any given drug. Some patients are rapid metabolizers, flushing the acting agents so quickly from their system that their body does not benefit from the medication. Poor metabolizers, on the other hand, can be harmed because the normal dose of medicine is in excess of what their body can metabolize. This test offers a physician vital information that is needed when prescribing medication. This means the right drug for the right patient at the right dose, ultimately optimizing the patients drug therapy outcome.


Hereditary Cancer (CGx) Diagnostics

CGx Testing - Captiva and CapstoneThrough the Captiva-Capstone alliance we can offer accurate CGx analysis of 55 of the most clinically pertinent genomic mutations associated with cancer. Genetic testing undeniably helps a health care provider with an improved assessment of their patient’s risk of developing cancer. Genetic testing provides patients with information, education and opportunity to make life-altering decisions. Valued management options suggested due to genetic test results may include:

  • Increased breast examination, including self-examinations, clinical breast examinations, mammogram, ultrasound and MRI-based
  • Increased thyroid examinations
  • Increased colonoscopy frequency
  • Risk-reducing prophylactic surgery and/or chemo prevention
  • Early and increased prostate cancer screenings
  • Consideration of MRI-based screening/technologies


Optimized UTI Testing

Captiva and Capstone - UTI TestingOur optimized UTI panel delivers a snapshot of a patient’s urinary tract micro-environment covering 21 organisms utilizing cutting edge technology to accurately detect pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacterial species. Additionally, the test also defines the genes associated with antibiotic resistance. Key features offered through our alliance are:

  • Easy to read simplified reports
  • Rapid turnaround time compared to traditional microbiology techniques
  • Differential diagnosis to guide treatment options

We look forward to the future with Captiva Lab & Capstone Healthcare joining forces and we know you will to!