Captiva Lab Expands in Merger

Anchor Diagnostics is now Captiva Lab

Captiva Lab Expands in Merger

Anchor Diagnostics is now Captiva Lab!

October 22, 2018

Charlotte, NC. In a collaborative effort to better serve the needs of healthcare providers, Anchor Diagnostics and Captiva Lab are excited to announce their merger.

Together, both teams bring over thirty years of combined experience, dedication, and professionalism as they prepare to lead the way in diagnostic testing.

The merger will allow the two diagnostic laboratories to adapt to the changing needs of healthcare and addiction treatment by offering more innovative solutions which will include a diverse offering of diagnostic testing services and in network billing options for our treating providers and their patients.

Anchor Diagnostics and Captiva Lab will continue setting a standard in diagnostic care and testing that the treatment community relies on. Shared values and a patient centric, individualized testing philosophy set the stage for an influential position within the healthcare community it serves. With so many new test options available along with statistical data, education, and advances in technology, treatment outcomes can be both individualized and impacted at a level we have yet to see fully integrated at the clinical level.

Rest assured, an ongoing dedication to service, compliance, and ethical standards remain a number one priority. Anchor’s Executive, Sales, Service, and Lab staff will stay on board as they join the Captiva team. They have been working diligently together the last few months as they prepared both labs for the merger. We expect a very smooth transition and have the best staff on hand to make it happen. We value the relationships we have worked hard to build over the years and look forward to continued trust, growth and partnership with our current and new clients. Our team is excited to expand diagnostic services with the high standards of customer care we’ve become known for.

As a result of the merger, current clients of Anchor Diagnostics are immediately able to utilize an expanded test menu as well as oral fluid (saliva testing) options. Blood testing will be made available for all Captiva clients in early 2019 with a menu of tests to be published soon. The leadership and lab staff at Anchor Diagnostics will be joining the Captiva Lab team in Charlotte, NC as they take on their new name November 1, 2018.

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