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We currently provide a vast selection of drug detection and testing panel services to our clients, but our services are always expanding. If you are interested in a lab service not listed on our site, please contact us to see if it is something we can still accommodate. Captiva Lab also offers support services such as training for your team to utilize results, courier services, and lab testing supplies.

Drug Detection

Blood/Urinalysis Testing


Medication Monitoring

Drug Detection

Our drug testing services are utilized and trusted by many across the substance abuse industry. Our pioneering oral fluid drug testing method is able to test more than 60 compounds including synthetic cannabinoids and drugs prescribed in pain and addiction management. This e-swab testing method provides quantitative results with cut-offs as low as 0.125ng/mL. We utilize liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for our quantitative testing, allowing high specificity to pinpoint individual drugs and their metabolites rather than just overall drug classes. Our high accuracy generates specimens less susceptible to false-negative results. Read more on our Drug Detection Services.

Sample Processing

The variety of pathogens we are able to test and report on means we process a wide range of sample types. Our innovative and convenient oral fluid (saliva) testing is utilized for a large portion of tests we perform including drug detection and bacterial/viral testing. Captiva Lab pioneered this method in partnership with Shimadzu testing equipment. We also utilize urine testing for a variety of other panels we have made available. For some of our panels, a specific swab such as cervical or stool is required.

Ability to Monitor Patient Medication

During initial and concurrent testing, prescribed medications are monitored and any abnormal levels will be flagged. Medications that are not prescribed to the individual will be detected and noted in the results. Our ability to customize testing based off of patient drug use is convenient and built with substance abuse treatment facilities in mind. Our commitment to convenience and quick turn-around time will have a positive impact on your quality of care.

Reliability & Accuracy in Testing

Our team at Captiva Lab is 100% committed to being a center of excellence for our clients. The credentials of our lab and lab director include membership of AACC, CAP, CLIA and CMS accreditation. Because we understand the importance of quick turn-around, presumptive tests can be made available within 24 hours of recipient specimen. Our results are made conveniently available on our online portal with easy-to-use, cloud-based login. The results included color-coded alerts to expedite your test reading and controls for user-level access for your organization.

Supporting Services

We want to simplify your testing needs. You can look to Captiva Lab as a complete lab solution that includes the following support services:

Lab Supplies

Captiva Lab is able to provide you with many of your supplying needs for testing.

Customized Test Panels

A dynamic range of specialized multi-drug monitoring panels and individualized analytes – to enhance clinician choice

Convenient Reporting

Easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based sample submissions and results.